Adult’s Plus Size Chef Costume


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You have a bit of a…how should we put this, an obsession with online cooking shows. You frequently show up to your pals’ houses with baskets full of mystery ingredients and proceed to cook dinner, and you can name every major food trend currently happening in the United States (and maybe even Europe).We applaud your hobby…just so long as you don’t attempt to cook risotto in less than 30 minutes. Trust us; every contestant on every cooking show thinks they can do this. They cannot. They lose every time. But, as long as you agree not to attempt that, we think you’re ready for your chef coat–in fact, you’re ready for the whole plus size chef costume! It will make you look like a culinary expert, even if you still have to consult a cookbook to learn the difference between a reduction and a glaze. Also, if you wait and make a bit of a late arrival at your buddy’s Halloween costume, everyone will be so happy to see you. Think about it, have you ever not been happy to see a cook after you’ve been drinking and dancing the night away for a few hours? Forget that midnight pizza run; you’re making gourmet eats for everyone! Can you stop by our office party when you’re done?Of course, no chef worth his weight in Cornish hen would be caught dead without his chef coat, and this one has gingham cuffs to match the classic chef pants. We are pretty sure you’ve earned this chef’s toque, so wear it proudly. Just remember, always season appropriately; always taste your composed dish before serving it the judges, and NO 20-minute risotto! Bon appetit!