Adult Zalgo Morphsuit Costume


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Want to be a dark and horrific creature of the night this coming Halloween? Let the other people dress up as common zombies, boring vampires, and tiresome werewolves because we’ve saved the best costume for you. Check out this crazy Adult Zalgo Morphsuit! Once you slip into this scary skintight outfit you’ll be transformed into this mysterious creature that has only been described as a horror of utmost terror. The lore behind this demonic beast says it has seven mouths and six of them all speak different languages. It also states that once it’s seventh mouth opens, not to speak, but to sing the world will end!Wow… is anyone really that bad at singing? Well, Simon Cowell would probably say yes but we would think that’s a bit of a reach. Either way, the thought of an evil deity with the power to cause the end of days is like poop-your-pants scary. So, if you’re looking to reach that level of scary, then toss on this ghoulish morphsuit and become “He Who Waits Behind the Wall”. Oh and if you can somehow get your hands on a dead star and a “Candle Whose Light Is Shadow” then you can truly bring this abomination to life!