Adult Wizard of Oz Cowardly Lion Costume


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courage not includedWe all need a confidence boost from time to time. There are just so many frightening things in the world (especially on Halloween night), that we often find it hard to be brave. But, we came up with a sure-fire method to help us feel confident and courageous, and it involves a little inspiration from the animal kingdom’s mighty king!That’s right, we’re talking about the ferocious lion! Those giant cats almost never seem to be scared, even when there are tons of other critters on the prowl. And they always patrol their pride with such gusto! So, we did what any reasonable person would do to feel more confident… we asked our team of costume buyers to make us like the king of the savannah!design & detailsThis Wizard of Oz Adult Cowardly Lion Costume is crafted to make you feel, and look, like one of the most iconic lions in Hollywood history! Courage isn’t included, though, so you’ll have to sort that out yourself. The costume is a big, cozy jumpsuit of faux fur and a mane worthy of whatever journey you’re about to embark on!adventure suitOf course, this costume might look cozy, but with a little courage, you might pull off some scares! Whatever you have planned, when in doubt, just follow the yellow brick road, and listen to whatever guidance a young woman gives you!