Adult Tootsie Roll Costume


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What A TreatThere are so many things that we love about Halloween. Naturally, we are huge fans of costumes but this spooky holiday has so much more to offer. There’s the fun tradition of carving jack-o-lanterns, we love the decorating of homes with tons of ghoulish props, and, of course, all of the delicious CANDY!Some go out of the way to make their own tasty treats. Others go out collecting all sorts of different sweets. Then there are those that buy the biggest bag of their favorite candy and just go to town.One of those favorites is the mouthwatering Tootsie Roll. If you love these indescribable delights, this Tootsie Roll Costume will be perfect for you. Just beware of the kids on the block with an uncontrollable sweet tooth. They may try to take a bite or two!One Sweet TunicEffortlessly become one of the most recognizable candies of all time thanks to this tunic. Simply toss it on over your head and you’ll be ready to head out to all the costume parties this October. The tunic is sleeveless, so if you happen to live where it gets colder around autumn remember to have a long sleeve on underneath. The foam in the front panel of this tunic will only keep you so warm. Its main function is to give you that plump taffy-like look. Finally, on the front of the tunic, the beloved candy’s wrapper is printed.A Roll Down Memory LaneHave everyone reminiscing this Halloween. Take them back to the days of their childhood, when they’d eat one tootsie roll after another. They’ll remember getting fistfuls of this delectable candy while trick-or-treating. They’ll think about the handfuls thrown into the crowds at parades. Be a sweetie at the costume parties and remind everybody of the good old days with the help of this tasty looking tunic.