Adult Taco Bell Verde Sauce Packet Taco Bell Costume


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So Fresh and So Green, GreenAh, it’s lunchtime and there’s only one place to go. What’s your Taco Bell pick? Are you craving a chalupa? Or maybe you’ve been dreaming about an XXL grilled stuft burrito since your 10:00 meeting let you lose a couple of hours ago. If you’re getting crazy maybe you’ll order rolled chicken tacos and a Mexican pizza for a really wild time that your lunch mates didn’t see coming. But here’s the thing, no matter what you end up ordering, it’s not complete without Taco Bell’s packets of perfect spiciness. Those classic packets are really going to make this greasy meal nearly perfect. From the super spicy Diablo to the innocent mild, everyone has their own saucy opinion. The sauce that stands out from the pack? Salsa Verde. It’s got a fresh flavor with a surprise kick. Kind of like your personality, huh?Product DetailsThis glossy tunic will be the perfect way to show off your wild taste. The ragged hems will make this packet look easy to tear open for some real flavor. Verde Salsa is printed on the front with the saucy saying in the middle. Pair it with the rest of the Salsa packets on offer to make sure your lunchmates share your enthusiasm for spice. In various flavors and styles, you’re sure to find a great look for everyone in your crew. Plenty to Taco BoutIn our experience, food is always a conversation starter. Everyone has their opinions on what they eat! Are you looking for a way to make sure your next costumed event is full of spirited conversation? These saucy looks are just the thing. you’ll have people arguing over the merits of quesadillas versus a beef taco in no time. And if we’re really being honest, almost every party could use a little more spice!