Adult Skeleton Leggings


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The Trouble with GhostingRising from the grave is nothing to sneeze at! There are so many complications to living the undead lifestyle. Sure, you might not have to eat food but you still need a place to rest your bones at night. It’s not like you’re going to head back to your dirty grave once you’ve risen. So unless you’re one of those lucky folks that were laid to rest in a mausoleum, you’re gonna need a job. Product DetailsThese sleek black leggings are printed with lovely beige bones and a beautiful pelvis so you can become a skeleton without all the bother of rising from the dead. Whether you make a Halloween outfit out of them during a day at the office or you make these part of a spooky costume, the stretch of these leggings will keep you both comfy and creepy all night long!Haunting the ClassifiedsAnd who’s going to hire a skeleton? And then there are the legal issues with working as someone with a death certificate. Do you still use the same social? Do you really need a “living” wage? Does the resume you built in life still apply or do you need to start a Linked-In profile from scratch? Connect with the undead in your life by stepping into their shoes for an evening with these lovely leggings.