Adult Skeleton Gloves for Men


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Nice, Firm HandshakePicture this: you’re at a work party with some company bigwigs, and you’re dressed like a classic skeleton (oh, did we mention it’s a costume party? It is!). You want to network and make sure the higher-ups know who you are and what a good job you’re doing. You finally make it into a conversation with the CEO. She turns to you and says, “I’m sorry, I don’t think I got your name,” and sticks her hand out to take yours. And you give her a…bare hand. How embarrassing. You’re supposed to be telling her about how your attention to detail helped cut all kinds of excess spending for the company. But instead, you’re demonstrating that you were too lazy to think through the details of your costume. Bummer. Design & DetailsIf you had these exclusive Adult Men’s Skeleton Gloves, however, you would have been able to demonstrate that attention to detail without saying a word. These gloves say, “Sure, I could do less, but I do more. I go all-out. I give 110%.” We admit it’s a lot for gloves to say, but this simple, sturdy, bone-printed black pair speaks volumes. Back On TrackNow that you have this accessory in your possession, we’re confident that you’re on the right track to success! Practice your firm handshake, because we hope to see you doing a lot of it!