Adult Red Maharaja Turban


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Being the benevolent ruler of the land can be a tough job. Long hours, constant travel, and being blamed for everything bad that happens to your people can take its toll. But there are plenty of perks that come with being the maharaja to help make up for all the stress. Your living arrangements are much nicer than everyone else’s, and you get to dine on some of the finest food in the world. But the best part of being a great ruler is obvious: the dashing head wear that comes with the job! Now you can elevate your kingly costume to the appropriate level with this Red Maharaja Turban! This accessory hat is made of cloth-wrapped foam so it is easy to put on, and features gold trim and accents for a properly royal look. A matching scarf comes attached to the back of the turban that can be wrapped around your neck or draped over your shoulder at your whim. This costume turban is the one-step way to show everyone that you are in charge here!