Adult Rainbow Costume


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What color looks best on you? Is it Red? Orange? Yellow? Oh, how about a nice blue or green? Maybe even a nice, deep purple? Well, who knows, and why bother because with this Reading Rainbow Costume, you can wear every color of the rainbow – literally! After every single rainstorm you’ll notice something magical in the sky, a rainbow. These natural occurrences of light being changed into colorful rays is something that fills everyone with good feelings. They are so amazing in fact that songs have been written about them. If you’re looking for a super colorful costume this Halloween you’ll have to look no further than this rainbow costume. If you pick up two of these then you and your friend can recreate the epic double rainbow. You can wear this costume to almost any costume party, any Halloween party, or even a pride parade! Whether or not you have a pot of gold hidden somewhere in your house, you can still be this festive arch! The entire costume is just the rainbow tunic, so the accessory possibilities are endless. You can wear it with a leprechaun costume, and pair it with a portable pot of gold so you can reward some of the other best costumes! Wear simple shoes and black leggings for a more reserved rainbow, but if you want to be the center of the party for sure, pair it with a pair of bright colored heels and a poofy, sparkly tutu.