Adult Pretzel Costume


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the best of the festAre you heading to Oktoberfest this year? There’s plenty to look forward to! Even if you don’t listen to polka music when you’re driving around in your car, you’ll hopefully be waltzing along with the accordion and tuba by the end of your festival experience. Our favorite Oktoberfest activity? No, it’s not the drinking, it’s the food! There are sausages, baked sweets, and let’s not forget the German classic pretzel with mustard.  product detailsIf you’re dressing up for Oktoberfest this year, or want to walk around the mall repping your favorite snack, you’ve got to hop into this Adult Pretzel Costume. The illusion is created by a foam front panel and a fabric back panel, while the side curves of the pretzel form sleeves. If you’re taking it to a costume party, keep away from the snack table lest you risk someone taking a bite out of you!a snack to celebrateOur Oktoberfest advice? Dive in! Soak up all that Pilsner with a Wienerschnitzel, loop arms and celebrate the “one, two, three, four” of the band. And hey, never forget to embrace the best pretzel experience of your life! Bavarians really know what they’re doing when it comes to salty twisted treats with fresh mustard sauces! No tips for the mall or that costume party, though. Make good eye contact?