Adult Plus Size Laa-Laa Teletubbies Costume


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A Tough ChoiceIt’s always hard deciding what to wear to your next costume party. You need something that’s unique, memorable and attractive. You don’t want to show up dressed like a character that two other people are dressed up like, or in a costume that’s so sloppy that no one can tell what you are. Of course, you also have to look good in your costume, because what’s the point if people aren’t jealous of how attractive you are?With all that in mind, we’re not surprised at all that you chose to dress up like a Teletubby. For one, there will be no mistaking you for something else, like a lemon or a stick of butter. You’ll be perfectly distinct. For two, you’re pretty much guaranteed that no one else will be dressed like you. And for three, it goes without saying that you will look amazing as a plump alien creature covered head-to-toe in fleecy fabric.The only question left, then, is which Teletubby do you want to dress like? There are four very good choices, but we think there’s only one Teletubby who truly stands out from the crowd: Laa-Laa!Product DetailsBring some whimsical joy to your next costume party in this Plus Size Adults Laa-Laa Teletubbies Costume. The exclusive, officially licensed yellow fleece jumpsuit is 100 percent polyester and has a zipper down the center of the back for easy wear. There’s fiber fill in the jumpsuit for a plump look, along with attached foam mitts and foot covers that have an elastic band under the feet. There’s also a headpiece that has a hook-and-loop fastener under the chin and features Laa-Laa’s trademarked squiggle on top.Yellow and Proud!When you show up at your next costume party dressed like Laa-Laa, you are guaranteed to be the star of the evening. You’ll get extra points if you round up the other Teletubbies to join you!