Adult Pioneer Woman Costume


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Oregon TrailsGetting up at the crack of dawn to milk the cows and churn the butter was no picnic, but the pioneer women of American history were tough cookies who didn’t think twice about a hard day’s work. Pay homage to the women of yesteryear by wearing this pioneer costume, which features a conservative ankle-length dress and a matching lace-trimmed bonnet. You’ll appear like you’re heading west on the Oregon Trail, but we know that you’ll really just be heading west to find the best costume party around. Show everyone else how to party like a true pioneer, without the cows and horse covered wagons!Product DetailsThis costume dress has a floral calico print that will have you looking like a genuine throwback. The matching bonnet and costume details will mean that you’ll look right at home in any historical reenactment. You can put the apron on to be ready to do all of your chores, but if you end up spending the whole day partying… well, that’s a-okay with us, pardner. Get this detailed historic look to complete your group or family theme!