Adult Pineapple Costume


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Are you tangy yet sweet and ready to turn any old Northeastern party into a tropical island getaway? Does your sweetness pair well with salty and as a result do you—gasp—belong on pizza? Why, you happen to sound a little like one of our favorite fruits: pineapple! The tasty fruit does just about everything one could imagine! We won’t harp on and on about the pizza (our country is divided enough as it is). It turns a regular punch into a fruity extravaganza, where every sip contains a new citrus and every bite oozes with evermore flavor. And of course, certain creatures under the sea like to hang out in and around them. This Adult Pineapple Costume brings that fruity flavor to any party! The sleeveless pullover tunic is comprised of foam-backed fabric with a criss-cross print, rather than the less touchable real grooves of a pineapple, and it’s got a crown-shaped foam hat to top it all off the only way we know how. Well, the only way we know how to top it all off without slicing the majestic fruit up into small, bite-size chunks, placing them on a cheesy pepperoni or Canadian bacon pizza, and baking for twelve minutes at 350 degrees. That, in fact, would be the perfect top for this sweet costume (sorry, we had to). But that crown-shaped foam hat will do.