Adult Pho Noodle Bowl Funny Costume


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Savor the SlurpAre you hungry? No matter the time of day we think one of the best foods out there is the biggest bowl of pho that you can find. Cause a bowl of pho isn’t just a boring bowl of soup. It’s quite magical. Maybe it’s the interactive element. You get to top your soup in hot peppers, crispy, fresh sprouts, a squeeze of lime, and a sprinkle of red onions. And then you get to build your perfect bite! You hungry yet? We’re sure getting there. There’s nothing like the complicated taste, the endless noodles, crunching on the veggies that you’ve added as you go…What’s that? Oh sorry, we had to go make a call to our local Vietnamese place. Turns out we just figured out what we’re having for lunch! The point is that if you want to let everyone know that you’re down to get some delicious food after your costumed event, this is the right costume for you. And if people tell you that they’ve never had your favorite food just let loose with a, “What the Pho?”Product DetailsWhile making a bowl of pho from scratch isn’t simple, this costume sure is! Just slip the pho tunic over your head with your own clothes. The soft fabric is printed with a pile of noodles featuring some of our favorite pho toppings. The bowl is just about the size that we like when it comes to a bowl of pho. It features the phrase, “What the Pho?” just in case someone tells you they don’t like your favorite meal. Chow Down TownDo you have more foodie friends? We have so many more awesome food costumes to make this a group look. From Siracha for a couple’s look to sweet, savory, and everything in between for a fun group costume. Just go ahead with pride knowing that you’re the best meal on the menu!