Adult Peppermint Lips Face Mask


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Mint ConditionDo you know what one really positive thing about masks is? The drastic reduction of run-ins with bad breath. Think about it—it’s not really something you have to deal with anymore. (Of course, it doesn’t bode well for those of us out in the dating world, where weeks of careful interactions finally lead to that big unmasked dinner. And BAM! Halitosis hits ya in the face! Whoooo. That is unpleasant. But we digress.)So no more bad breath encounters is a bonus! But the real benefit of wearing so many masks is that now you have another accessory that can speak volumes about your personal style. Take this Adult Peppermint Lips Face Mask, for instance. It can say a lot about you. Maybe it says “I’m a dynamic entertainer with a bold style and look.” Maybe it says, “I’m a holiday-lover and will infuse any day of the week with Christmas cheer.” Or perhaps it simply says, “My breath is so peppermint fresh, even my lips look the part.” It doesn’t matter. The point is, this mask shows your fun and fresh personality the moment you slip it on!Product DetailsThis mask fits snug thanks to elastic along the top, adjustable earloops, and a contoured nose and chin. Sport it to a holiday gathering, a work Secret Santa exchange, or simply to watch Christmas movies with your pals!