Adult Pair of Sneakers Costume


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The perfect costume for a couple that has a whole lot of “sole!” It’s so hard to choose a couple’s costume! From famous Hollywood couples to dynamic superhero duos, there are certainly a ton of options out there. However, if you’re really looking for a unique couple’s costume that will “kick” the other competition in the butt, then you really should consider dressing up as a pair of sneakers. Sure, it’s an unorthodox costume but we have a feeling that your evening will be full of excitement while you and your beau are roaming around as giant shoes. Think about all the activities that could possibly be “afoot.” Just get your hands on a rubber ball and you two could play a pretty intense game of soccer. These costumes are basically a “shoo” in for the best couple’s costume award. Just remember to put one foot in front of the other whenever you guys walk up to claim your award, or you may just have a problem! Basically, you two will be dressed as a pair of over sized sneakers but there will be nothing stinky about you two! In fact, you and your “solemate” will be the best-dressed partners around. These funny costumes come together so just put on the comfortable tunics and get ready to have a great time. Your arms, head, and legs will easily fit through the appropriate holes so you’ll be able to move easily while you’re all “tied” up in these outfits. Just make sure you guys don’t have two left feet while you’re out on the dance floor and you’ll surely have a night that you’ll always remember!