Adult Oscar Mayer Packaged Bacon Costume


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Bring Home the BaconWe have been in the costume business a long time, so we think we know a few things about what people love and what divides people. For instance: clowns. Not everyone appreciates a clown costume. Some find them terrifying, and others find them classic. Animal costumes can also be subject to mixed reviews. Political costumes are never guaranteed party pleasers, and scary costumes are sensational, but can sometimes alienate you from the crowd.This Adult Oscar Mayer Packaged Bacon Costume, however, is a true crowd-pleaser. Who doesn’t love the addition of bacon to…anything? Add it to a breakfast of eggs for a classic combo, or top a maple donut with salty bacon crumbles for an unexpected treat. Want to make a plain meal delectable? Add bacon! Want to serve a can of soup and make it look homemade? Top it with bacon! Want to spiff up a boring turkey sandwich? Add bacon! There’s no end to the magic of bacon.Product DetailsThis hilarious costume is certainly on the “unique” end of the spectrum, and it will get you a lot of notice all night long. Plus, did we mention how easy it is to wear? Simply top your favorite clothes with this one-piece, pullover sleeveless tunic. It’s printed with a graphic of a package of uncooked Oscar Mayer Bacon that looks totally realistic in its detailing. Just Add BaconYou get it—adding bacon makes things great! So why not add bacon to the Halloween party? It’s bound to do what bacon does and improve the experience for all involved.