Adult Movie Night Popcorn Costume


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The Star Of the ShowWhen you think about going to the movie theater, what comes to mind? Do you think of those old-school red velvet seats? Or maybe watching the previews is your favorite part. Come on. Be honest. You think of a big box of popcorn when you think of the movies! In a way, the popcorn is the star of any show you’ll go to see! Even if you sneak in your own snacks, popcorn is still there with you. People are crunching on it all around you, spreading it’s buttery scent everywhere you go. The smell even follows you home after the credits role. Now that’s some serious star power!Product DetailsSlipping into this tunic costume couldn’t be easier. The foam-textured box has generous holes for your arms and head as well as an open bottom to make moving around comfortable. The classic striped popcorn container slips over your own clothes and can fit a range of sizes, allowing you to lend this costume out to your fellow movie fans!Feature PresentationBesides starting the event with a big box of popcorn, everyone goes to the theater a little differently. And popcorn is the perfect way to learn more about who you’re headed to the movies with. Does your movie date wait until the feature presentation begins to start snacking or grab a handful of kernels before you even find your seats? Do they toss back the corn a mouthful at a time or pick up the kernels one by one with the tip of their tongue, lizard style. There’s a reason this snack is a classic. It can determine more than a soft pretzel ever could! So you see, dressing up as a box of popcorn is sure to drum up some great conversation! Celebrate the movies and all the memories, opinions, and hot takes that go along with the theater there’s one costume that’s up for the starring role!