Adult Mischievous Monkey Costume


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If film has anything to say about our future, we know that we should be treating our primate cousins with a little more respect (and possibly avoid any chemical mutation experiments). But, even without the experiments, we can watch as the amazing critters learn and adapt, ciphering out language and puzzles quicker than a number of adults that we’ve encountered. They have an astounding capacity for reason and nuanced personalities from one breed to the next.We lost almost two months of break room time to conversations about which primate we’d be… the territorial and warrior gorilla or the calculating and science-minded chimpanzee. Fred wants nothing more than to be an orangutan, but we’re pretty sure that is mostly because he is just a major fan of their color. We tried to explain there was more to it, but he’s dead set on his choice. One of the most popular, though, was the mischievous and clever monkey.If either of those two descriptors nuzzled you in just the right way, you might make for a perfect candidate for a Halloween social experiment with this Adult Mischievous Monkey costume. Transform yourself chemical-free with this polyester and faux fur jump suit with Hook and Loop fastener closures and elastic to help everything stay in place. A pull-up hood gives you the furry ears that are soscratchable as you figure out and articulate your understanding of this strange new world. Poke and prod, pick up strange objects at your friends’ place. Nobody can blame you for being curious, after all! And, if you happen to exchange salt for people’s sugar, well, that won’t bring about the end of the world… or will it!?