Adult Magic Magician Costume


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Magic is a powerful force. People for centuries have been mesmerized by the world of the magician, and it doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon!Which is good news for you, because you’ve been working hard to perfect pulling a rabbit out of a hat, uncovering long trails of handkerchiefs from your sleeves, and even more…modern…tricks: like the one where you magically get your teenager to–Alakazam!–disengage from their cell phone screen! Oooh. Ahhhh. This Adult Magic Magician Costume, then, will put the polish in your already-captivating portrayal and can help take your act from amateur to pro in less time than it takes to say “Abracadabra!” BONUS: This costume will also be a hit at any party where the host is hoping to add that little special something to their festivities. And yes it’s true, you do have to provide your own rabbits, handkerchiefs, and other props. But we have managed to make appear for you a black poplin jacket with satin lapels, a red-lined satin cape, a red satin cummerbund and matching pre-tied tie, and of course, a black, satin-covered magician’s hat. And may we add that we conjured them out of thin air? We aren’t even magicians, so we’d like a little credit! So now that you’ve got the look, we can’t wait to see you demo your skills at your next event. We know a master never reveals his secrets, but really…how do you do that cell phone one, oh powerful one?