Adult Living Dead Costume


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Sometimes life isn’t fair. Take the zombie apocalypse, for instance. You thought with all of your experience watching zombie shows, thinking about escape plans, and even playing zombie video games you would definitely escape the fate of the undead for the first week, at least. But, as promised, it came when you least expected it. Maybe you were wearing roller blades when the outbreak hit. That would work well if you’re outrunning a horde on an empty road but once you get to a set of stairs you’re in a lot of trouble. Hey, maybe you did survive the first outbreak, you seem pretty wily. But even if you do everything right, luck has to consistently remain on your side if you’re not going to cross the line of survivor into the infected category. You could have been surprised by a zombie lingering under a car while trying your hand at hotwiring. Or maybe you headed out of town only to have a biter fall on your head from a tree. In a post-apocalyptic world, the way your inevitable downfall is going to happen is completely unacceptable. The only thing you can hope for is looking cute as you wander the earth searching for living flesh. This costume is perfectly shabby with fitted sleeves that are tattered with surprising elegance at the elbow. The hemline is also tattered and hangs over the torn faux leather leggings in a spooky, mid-thigh way. Hey, not everyone can be a survivor forever. At least you went out in a fashion-forward way!