Adult Jen Costume – The Dark Crystal


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Conjunction Time! The idea of all the planets aligning sounds like a pretty neat thing to see. We’re not just talking about your average Astrology update, either! It turns out that when the three suns of Thra decide to have a delightful conversation, the world is about to take on more than just an intense solar flare! Add a Dark Crystal in the mix and you’re talking about some serious power. If only there was someone out there to help keep things in balance… perhaps a prophesized hero?We suspect that you might be just the Gelfling to help us out! Now, that might involve a really dangerous journey. Perhaps encountering some pretty bizarre characters or creatures that just defy explanation. Who knows what goblins and ghouls you’ll find as you’re running around!? To keep you safe, it might be best to suit you up with some mighty armor, too. Fortunately, it looks like the timing is perfect to get you into adventuring style!Design & DetailsDon’t wait for another alignment of the stars. Suit up in this Jen costume from The Dark Crystal and feel all the officially licensed might! Our Made by Us team consulted Augrah themselves to ensure that this costume is picture perfect. Start with a brilliant tunic with details that bring the character to life. Tattered strips of gauze hang from the gauntlets and back while the ornate belt cinches the look together. Be sure to keep your head on your shoulders with the Jen wig as well! Joining the RanksIf you think saving the world of Thra is too big a quest for one Gelfling, go with a group costume by joining this Jen costume with Kira and Fizzgig! In no time, you’ll show those Skeksies what real power is truly like. (Just make sure you aren’t staring too long into that Dark Crystal Shard!)