Adult Hunchback Costume


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So, the bad news is you aren’t going to win a beauty contest anytime soon. The good news: job security is strong for mad scientist assistants. The church towers around here are all full since all the bell ringing jobs are occupied your job search is a little more complicated. But you still have options, even with that sick busted eye. How did that happen by the way? Looking as rough as you do, the job market is a little more narrow. Sure, you hire someone to make a custom suit to accommodate your nontraditional body structure, but you’ve grown fond of your tattered robes. You’ve been wearing them ever since you snatched that monk’s body from the graveyard when you were just starting out with Dr. Frankenstein. You might need a new employer after the incident with the fire but who says you need a career change? There’s no reason to throw away your lab attendant experience. There’s honor in creating monsters and strange toxic elixirs. If you think about it, you’re on the breaking edge of science. While there’s not much money working as a mad scientist’s stooge, and Dr. Hyde’s mood can be a little unpredictable, life certainly stays interesting. Whether you’re dressing up for Halloween or you’re simply seeking to fill a new position at the creepy castle outside of town, this costume will suit your needs. The tattered robe and busted eye help fulfill that grotesque yet pitiable look. When the host of the Halloween bash asks you to bring ice just remember to answer, “Yes, Master!”