Adult Hellboy Costume from Hellboy (2019)


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Not Your Typical CambionDoes anyone else smell roasted peanuts? That demon fellow Hellboy must be around! This supernatural hero has his roots in Dark Horse comics from the early 90s. Hellboy has also enjoyed plenty of time onscreen, too, as a character in both TV shows and in feature films. A mix of action, supernatural, and fantasy themes makes for a lot of unique storylines! This particular costume of the half-demon draws inspiration from the most recent film. Whether you’ve been a fan of Hellboy since the beginning, or if you’ve only seen the newest blockbuster, this Hellboy (2019) Adult Hellboy Costume is the perfect look for you this Halloween!Product Details No boy child version of Hellboy here; this is the hero in his prime. No need to hit the gym to get his otherworldly muscles; this suit comes with them! A little stuffing and some foam can go a long way, especially when the polyester graphics look so much like rippling muscle. This “muscle shirt” attaches at the back, and Hellboy’s classic long coat hides the seams. The belt is also foam and ties into place. For the iconic sawn-off horn look, mask and wig are attached for a seamless design. And let’s not forget the Right Hand of Doom! This piece is also foam and attaches with a velcro type fastener. Add your own pants and boots, and get ready to fight!Ready Your WeaponsWell, the Blood Queen Nimue is up to her tricks again, and the world is counting on you to save the day. Are you up to the task, Hellboy? In this fantastic costume, you certainly are! Whether you’re headed to a party or taking kids trick or treating this Halloween, you are sure to be recognized as the demon who fights for humanity.