Adult Heinz Ketchup Bottle Costume


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Hometown HeroIt has been a while since you’ve been back to your hometown of Pittsburgh. You can imagine yourself chowing down on a hotdog at Pirate’s Stadium. You find yourself dreaming of putting french fries on your sammiches and salads. You’re missing your city of bridges. There’s no better way to show your Pittsburgh pride than by rocking this Adult Heinz Ketchup Bottle Costume this Halloween. Home of Heinz, Pittsburgh pride features heavily in this simple bottle. So maybe you can’t go to Phantom Fright Nights at Kennywood or trick-or-treat in your hometown neighborhood, at least you can rock this totally old school, unique, and quirky costume and be everyone’s favorite condiment! If you’re looking for a hilarious couple’s costume, you can also pair this look with an equally mouth-watering look, like french fries or a burger, and make yourselves into that delectable couple everyone wants to be! Product DetailsThe things that make Heinz ketchup so great are simplicity and consistency. And this costume replicates that perfectly! It’s a simple one-piece, pullover tunic with a detailed perfect replica of a Heinz ketchup label on the front. You can wear it over your own clothes for an easy costume that connects you to your roots, instantly.Main SqueezeWhen it comes to ketchup, all bottles are not created equal. So move aside imposter ketchup and don’t even get us started on that organic stuff. There’s only one Heinz, and it’s plain to see why you and everyone at the party love it!