Adult Heartless Witch Costume


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‘Witchcraft!’ people have cried for centuries. So many descriptions of what witches might look like. Depending on countless tests to validate the power of the occult practitioners, each culture and even each inquisitor ran into trouble agreeing on what made a witch, though! Witches are made of wood, of course, which is why they are burned at the stake and, thus, float! Thin ladies beware, for if you weigh as much as a floating duck, it is going to be straight to the fire pit for you! But, best watch out if you are a bit educated too. If you know just a little too much and certainly dare speak your mind, you must be possessed and would quickly join the wooden duck ladies, too! We’ve come a long way since those days. Witchcraft is no longer an accusation made by everyone to anyone. Quite a bit rarer, though still equally whispered about in dark corners of our society. Of course… that was the plan, wasn’t it!? Witches are a crafty sort–that’s why they call it witchcraft, after all! They come in as many different forms and appearances as there are witches and they’ve hidden in plain sight all these years. They only garb themselves in their most mystical appearances during the thinning of the veil, when their magic is the strongest.Which is why you need to get busy, lady! The Witches Ball comes and all the most notable witches of our time have already put together their own unique appearances. Fortunately for you, we have one grand look available that, shockingly, none have taken advantage of yet: the Heartless Witch Adult costume. Of course, we all know that the black-clad and stern-faced is more complicated than anyone can know, but none dare question out of the certain power she possessed as is evidenced by the laced up bodice, the iconic black conical hat, the mysterious black cape, and the black fabric pouch which contains your secretive magical components. Win the title of the Witch Supreme this year with this classical, yet uniquely powerful look!