Adult Harry Potter Ravenclaw Costume Shirt


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A New, Shiny SpellThere are two houses that really seem to develop wizards that rush to invent new spells. One of them tends to create a lot of curses, so we’d rather not talk about it too directly. The house might cast a spell that’ll have us quiverin’ if you know what we mean. They can be really green with envy over the accomplishments of the other house!Of course, the real inventors are from House Ravenclaw. These are the wizards responsible for some of the spells that truly bring about quality of life incantations. Now, we’re not totally sure that they created the Light, Mending, and other such charms, but when you’re talking about bright magic, who else comes to mind!? Product DetailsEither way, they’ve perfected a truly genius world of magic with this clothing transmogrification! Now, you can wear your robes in casual style with this Ravenclaw Costume T-shirt. The black shirt features the look of a white collar and the Ravenclaw crest and colors from the film with no baggy robes required. Almost PerfectedThe Ravenclaw kids are still working on a spell that gets them instantly into full Hogwarts attire. But, until that is ready, this Costume T-Shirt works like a charm for getting you in Ravenclaw style.