Adult Green Dragon Costume


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So you want to dress up as an awesome dragon this Halloween but you don’t want to scare everyone away? Well, we have a costume that you need to check out! Take a look at this Green Dragon Costume for adults. It will be perfect for keeping that friendly reputation that you hold so dearly.This costume isn’t only great for appearing approachable it’s also excellent for adventuring! What else would you expect? You’re a dragon! There’s nothing a dragon loves more than an awesome adventure that leads to tons of gold. This outgoing green dragon usually ventures off with Italian plumbers, somehow they know how to gather up gold coins better than anyone. So find your own duo of jumping plumbers and you’ll be swimming in gold in no time! We know what you’re thinking, “If this is a dragon costume then where are the wings?” Well, who needs wings when you got mad hops? Once you toss on this comfy jumpsuit, you’ll feel like you can leap over the tallest of buildings. (Note: It’s only a feeling, you won’t actually be able to jump that high… however, if you somehow are able to do so, contact us immediately!)So do you think you’re ready to leap into action with a duo of mustached plumbers? Are you prepared to collect more gold than you ever imagined? Well grab this awesome Adult Green Dragon Costume for Halloween and start working on your hops! You’ll be sure to find yourself on an astounding adventure in no time with this jumpsuit.