Adult Grave Reaper Costume


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The life of a grave reaper is certainly a lonely one. The occupation isn’t popular with anyone. Humans, of course are scared to death of him. Angels see him as a trash collector or sewer worker. God has absolutely no time for him. The devil, well, they get along okay. But who only wants to be friends with the devil? Satan can be so self-obsessed and just try getting him to pick up the tab every once in a while. It’s not like it’s death’s fault, someone has to reap souls. What would we do if no one on earth had moved on yet? We’d be nose to nose. Instead, the reaper continues to do his thankless job. It’s not like it’s an easy job, either! Let’s forget about the emotional side, the organizational skills it takes to be a successful reaper is astounding. First, he has to check the availability in hell, heaven, and purgatory. Most people go to purgatory, so if it’s all full up then he has to reap the ones that are surely bound for heaven or hell. Or a few spirits have to hang around and wait for a vacancy. He can’t help but roll his eye sockets when people complain ghosts hanging around. We should’ve seen all the ghosts flying around during the plague! At the end of the day, the poor reaper just wants to be understood. This Halloween show some love to a hardworking guy that deserves it. After all, it’s never a bad thing to throw death a bone. You never know when you’ll have to ask him a favor.