Adult Fire Taco Bell Sauce Packet Taco Bell Costume


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Let’s Hear it For TuesdaysMonday is morose with old tuna mac. Wednesday is weak, coffee drunk black. Thursday is bustling, eating with your laptop. Friday is fine, a sandwich and pop. But nothing compares, no nothing comes close to lunch on a Tuesday, you like that the most! Tuesdays mean tacos, burritos, and all that is nice. It’s the crunch that you love and a drizzle of spice. You travel with friends and get your food quick. You know that the beans will to your ribs stick. Thank goodness for Tuesdays, you love them so well! Thank goodness! Let’s hear it! For Ol’ Taco Bell!Product DetailsThrowing on this costume is as easy as ordering the regular at the Taco Bell drive through and just as fun, too! Just throw the tunic over your head and you’ll be the starring flavorful role of any taco order. The packet has a ragged top and bottom that makes it look like a cinch to tear open for flavor. A flame pattern and bright white text make it obvious that you’re not a simple ketchup packet, nor are you off-brand hot sauce, you’re from Taco Bell so folks will know they’re in the company of a tasteful individual!Fire it upAs a packet of fire hot sauce, you know you’re a favorite. Just the right amount of spice, you don’t have anything to prove (looking at you Diablo).  If you’re making this a group costume with all the deliscious hot sauce flavors, go ahead and order this flavor ASAP so no one else can claim it. Because when it comes to drizzling and dipping, Fire will always be the star of the show. Just promise us one thing, try not to make fun of Mild. He’s just making sure Taco Bell’s Tex-Mex flavor stays safe for all. Doesn’t everyone deserve a taco Tuesday?