Adult Fine Foxy Fro Wig


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We all know that every decade has its memorable style, but some of those fantastic looks pierce through the barriers of time and hold up as foxy fresh no matter when we have the fortune of looking upon them! Of course, others aren’t so fortunate. The bright leg warmers of the ‘80s might have lost their flair and, according to rumors, many of our stellar styles from the Disco days are instead long passed their dying days. But, despite the fact that Disco may have seen its final moments, the style of the ‘70s is simply too luscious to let go.There’s no question that a style like yours could not only bring back the Groovy ‘70s but also make it stay. Channel some of that flawless style from Donna Summers, add in some modern curls from Whitney Houston, and finish it off with some kick-butt Foxy Brown attitude. With this curly Fine Foxy ‘Fro wig, you bring Disco back! The sparkling lights, the night clubs, the music, the dance. Bring the ‘70s out of the attic and prove that Donna Summer was right: Disco will survive all night and so will your amazing highlighted brown curls!