Adult Fidel Costume


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So you aren’t fully ready to lead the revolution…but at least you can look like the very guy who did!In case you haven’t heard, Cuba is VERY big right now. Everyone wants access to this previously forbidden country; folks long to get a glimpse of a land so out of reach for so long. So your pals will appreciate your topicality and humor when you march into the party wearing this Adult Fidel Costume– just don’t be surprised if you have the sudden urge to gain power and control everyone around you. As a true rebel, we expect you will find your own ways to make the party uniquely entertaining. But the one thing you don’t want to rebel against is Castro’s signature style–as his beard, big cigar, and fatigues are practically symbols of the revolution itself.That’s why this complete costume even comes with that infamous gray beard! You’ll want to pick up one of our toy cigar accessories (or order someone to do it for you) in order to be ready to lead the second Cuban Missile Crisis…or just have fun at the costume party! You can roll in on a tank or roll in with your crew, but everyone will be both amused and a little wary of your great getup. As the obvious leader in charge, here, we trust you to dictate to everyone exactly how they should spend the evening in order to fully maximize their fun. It’s a lot of responsibility, but we think you can handle it after all these years in power.