Adult Eggplant Hat


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Text, Tweet, Transform!We live in a digital age, these days. Folks communicate through a few swipes on the phone and, suddenly, their very words are sent across the world to people that they might have never even seen. It’s pretty amazing, honestly. But, time goes quick. That’s why we have emojis, so you can transport your thoughts even faster and in picture form!But, sometimes we miss out on the joy of actual in-the-flesh encounters. It is important to work hard to keep those relationships active. That’s why the emoji has grown even more so that you can wear them right on your shoulder!Product DetailsWell, in the case of this Eggplant Hat, you can take that emoji out of its digital hiding spot and show it off for all the world to see! This cap is sized to fit near everyone and is shaped to look like… well, a giant purple eggplant, of course! (What else would it look like!?) What an Eggplanthead!Folks will be all grins and headshakes when you show up in this comedic Eggplant Hat. A perfect recreation of that weirdo emoji, you’ll be showing everyone what’s on your mind. Your favorite vegetable, of course!