Adult Costume Beetlejuice


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It’s Showtime!Do you need the ghost with the most to help you out? You know, have him scare off the new family living inside of your home? Well, just say his name 3 times. That’s all you need to do! Beetlejuice will show up to your place and scare off any unwanted mortals that are taking up residence in your home in just a few minutes. Be warned though. His methods are crude and he may just unleash one of those giant sandworms into your home.Actually, on second thought… it might be better for you to do all of the scaring. His methods can be a little messy. Well, this Adult Beetlejuice Costume is all you need if you want to be just as scary as him, and you can avoid all of that nasty sandworm business!Design & DetailsInspired by the iconic character from Tim Burton’s 1988 film, this officially licensed Beetlejuice Costume will help you look like the notorious ghoul. It starts with a dickey shirt front that has a collar on top. The jacket has black and white stripes and fastens with a single button in the front. The matching pants feature an elastic waistband to help facilitate a snug fit. It’s so simple, you’ll look like Beetlejuice before you can say his name 3 times.Become the Ghost with the MostIf you’re a big fan of the classic movie, then this Beetlejuice Costume is exactly what you need to get his freaky style. Be sure to check out some of our makeup kits and wigs to help you bring the whole look together.