Adult Cold Brew Coffee Costume


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Wake Up CallYou’ve been working hard all day. Answering emails, sitting in on meetings, filling out spreadsheets. It’s not that you mind all your little tasks, but they sure do make you drowsy! You’re just trying to organize a list by the end of the day but boy, it seems like every time you get through an item your head starts to droop. When you accidentally signed off an email with, “all my beast” you decided to bring in the big guns. Yep, you were going to go get an iced coffee. And it turns out, you weren’t the only one struggling through! You ended up getting refreshing, caffeinated beverages for all of your neighbors as well. Way to overcome the 2:00 slump and gain goodwill among your coworkers all at the same time! Do you want to dress up as the office worker’s midday hero? This cold brew coffee is a great way to celebrate that frosty, creamy caffeine!Costume DetailsThis easy tunic costume slips over your own clothes with generous holes for your head and arms and an open bottom for free movement for your legs. The top of the coffee tunic is swirled with creamy, icy detail and a straw jutting out of the top. The look is complete with a hat and scarf to highlight your refreshingly cool persona. Cold-brew enthusiasts should be aware that the back of the costume is made of a blank, stretchy fabric in contrast to the printed front. A great costume for coffee shop employees and caffeine lovers, this costume is sure to be a refreshing choice for any costumed event. Give ’em a BreakThere’s nothing like the relief you feel after the first sip of cold-brew after being stuck in a mid-afternoon slump! Show up to your next costume party as a hero that any coffee lover will recognize!