Adult Bacon & Eggs Costume


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They Go Together Like…People like to compare duos of items and people to some ideal match. For some, it’s peanut butter and jelly. Others might say it’s caramel and chocolate. Even a simple bread and butter combination can be touted as perfection. We’re sensing a theme here! Usually, these perfect matches are food items. Are you and your costume partner the perfect match for each other? Whether you are perfect friends, perfect spouses, or perfect partners, we think this Adult Bacon & Eggs Costume will be an excellent representation of how well suited you are to each other. Product DetailsThis fun costume is simple and easy to wear, perfect for those who want to be silly and not spend ages on their outfit. Each costume is front-facing only, with straps on the shoulders that connect to a supporting strap around the back, all fastened with velcro type fasteners. The bacon looks to be three pieces, realistically printed for that crispy and greasy finish. The egg costume has two eggs, both sunny side up to reveal golden yolks. No sign of burning on those perfect egg whites, either! Dressing the PartWho will be the bacon, and who will be the eggs? That is up for you and your partner to decide. Play rock, paper, scissors for it if you have to, or have fun arguing why you are more one than the other. Oof, we are getting hungry just looking at these yummy costumes. Excuse us—we need to go out for some brunch!