Adjustable Bright Candy Belt Neon Yellow


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Brightest Of BeltsWhere would we be without neon colors? Sure, there’s a whole incredible spectrum of color to choose from, which is all well and dandy. But what would we do without colors that are more, shall we say, eye-searing? The colors that make you squint when you see them like you’re straining to look at a beautiful sunset over the ocean? The colors that glow on a dancefloor, and vibrate under blacklight? We don’t want to imagine what it would be like if we didn’t have neon, and in that spirit, we give you the 80s Adjustable Candy Neon Yellow Belt!Product DetailsThis incredibly attention-grabbing neon yellow belt is made of 100% EVA foam with a plastic buckle and has adjustable belt holes to accommodate most-sized lovers of intense and vibrant fashion accessories. Pair it with one of our totally awesome 80’s costumes, or just layer it on top of a dark outfit, for a pop of excellent neon yellow radiance. Whatever you wear it with, you can be sure that our 80’s Adjustable Candy Neon Yellow Belt is going to stand out at the club, the mall, or the roller rink!