Adjustable Bright Candy Belt Neon Green


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Tubular Belt!Even with a good 30 years or so of distance, we are still totally in love with the 80’s! The music, the movies, the fashion… especially the fashion, with its bright neon colors, its patterns of geometric shapes and squiggles, and its layering of accessories. Its enduring appeal certainly makes for good costume material, whether it’s for an 80’s-themed dance, a breakdancing contest, or some retro aerobics! With that in mind, you’re going to need accessories to complement your jacket with rolled-up sleeves, or your tights and leg warmers, and what better place to start than with the Candy Neon Green Adjustable Belt?Product DetailsThis rockin’ belt is perfect for the maniacs on the floor and is adjustable for use as a real belt, or perfect as an extra second belt as part of your ensemble. Made of neon green 100% EVA Foam with a translucent plastic buckle, you’re definitely going to stand out as you rock the night away. But why stop there? We have all the 80’s costumes and accessories you need to look like you’ve just traveled through time to the modern-day, possibly to the sound of some Huey Lewis & The News. So buckle up, and grab this Adjustable Neon Green Belt now!