Adhesive Skeleton Face & Chest Jewel Kit


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Halloween night always sends a shiver of energy through our bodies. It could be the chill, or it could be the pervasive spookiness, but we like to think it’s just the positive vibes being spread throughout communities as folks dress up, share candy, and scare in good fun. Who knows what type of characters will be galavanting around. There are those tough, typical superheroes in their colorful spandex. There are old school white-sheet ghosts and furry werewolves as well as this year’s popular internet phenomenons. Who remembers Ken Bone? We will never forget him.This year, in an effort to bring a spooky new archetype to the Halloween costumes fold, you should assume the role of Madame Muerte, the bedazzled, undead harbinger of things that go bump in the night. She’s got a dangerous expression, a dazzling complexion, and we could swear we saw her crack a wry smile. The jewels in our Skeleton Face & Chest Jewel Adhesive Kit will turn you into this mysterious woman or comprise the base of another spooky costume you have in mind. The irridescent tone with colors such as purple, green, and yellow will dazzle passersby. These shining accessories will make the perfect touch for a Day of the Dead celebration, music festivals, or the next costume party, givcing you the mysterious glimmer of the ghostly.