80’s Track Suit Costume for Women


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We remember the 1980s. It was a magical time. You could listen to Cyndi Lauper on the radio while, trying to figure out that darn Rubik’s Cube that your uncle got you for your birthday. You could watch pop on the TV to watch 9 to 5. You could tease your hair to make you a whole foot taller. You could even argue with your friends about whether Burt Reynolds or Tom Selleck had the coolest mustache (it’s Burt). But most of all, you could wear neon colors like there was no tomorrow.Yes, neon colors. Gosh, do we love neon colors. Nothing helps you stand out in a crowd like a bright green stripe on your track jacket, or hot pink on your sleeves. For some reason, people just don’t wear those colors like they used to, but we’re trying to bring it back! That’s right, we’re making a stand against this 21st century kind of clothing and you can help us by wearing this women’s 80’s track suit costume.This track suit costume looks like it walked straight out of a time machine. It comes with a top and bottom set, which comes full of bright green and hot pink colors surging through it. The top zips in font and makes for a great outfit to wear to the mall while you wait for Tiffany to perform, or just while you gear up for a Punky Brewster marathon.