80’s Pet Dog Costume


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Rad Retro RoverYour pooch never got to experience the full force of the 1980s. Isn’t that sad? Your furry little friend never got to live through the best decade of them all! They never got to rock out to new wave songs, they never got to experience the teased hair craze, and they never got to parade around the neighborhood in full neon colors! Well, now’s your chance to get your pupper acquainted with the 80s. Dig out that old Talking Heads cassette tape. Grab the comb for some doggie hair teasing. And, most importantly, you’d better be ready to dress your doggo up in this 80s Pet Costume!Product DetailsThis adorable 80s themed pet costume will have your dog living like one rad pupper. It comes with a bright purple and pink shirt that fits over your dog’s front legs. It also has attached arms on the side to make it look like a classic tracksuit from the 1980s. The front has yellow and turquoise accents and it even has a small fake boombox attached to the chest. It all combines for a look that will have your dog looking like the goodest boy from the 80s!