80’s Lace Costume Headband


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The 80s were known for it’s loud rock, bright neon clothing, and crazy hairstyles. Some of those styles we might want to forget about (let’s not talk about those mullets). It’s okay though, because we rocked harder than any other generation in history. Look at all the stations that still play our music! With all that crazy hair, though, sometimes we needed a few products to reign it all in. Generations before us used a lot of hairspray which we cut down a little on after seeing the flaming balls of disaster that much aerosol can create. Instead we turned to the fantastic headbands that still rock to the top today. This black lace one is perfect for your next outfit for the eighties party, or if you want to look fashionable and get a little nostalgic at the same time. This is an easy fix for a bad hair day and it can also easily come off when you want to cut loose!