80s Highlight Men’s Wig


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So, what are you going as for your next costumed event? Oh, a villainous ski bum from an eighties movie! Hmm, what an interesting idea! You’d better have your wicked eighties insult list ready. Don’t have any good ones? Don’t have a cow. Just look eighties slang on the internet, like we did. Hey, the world wide web wasn’t invented in the eighties but now it’s “totally tubular.”  Whether you’re going as that John Hughes movie heart throb or an over the top, neon wearing eighties villain, having the right hair do is super important. This classic style will fit whatever character you choose. The long brown locks will look right at home as you’re lifting that boom box over your head to serenade your ex-girlfriend. The blond highlights will be memorable as you’re making your debut on a parade float in Chicago. Whatever you do make sure you do this hair justice and go all out. Remember, it’s the eighties so party hearty, dude!