80’s Cell Phone Wristlet


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We remember the 80s. Why, back in OUR day, cell phones didn’t have all these corn-fangled apps and doo-dads. There was no picture taking or video game playing around. The only thing a cell phone could do back then was make a phone call! And you have to walk FIFTEEN miles uphill through the snow just to get a signal. Then, if you were lucky, the phone would have just enough battery power to make a five-minute phone call. And forget about text messaging! Letters hadn’t even been invented yet, so you had to actually talk to people if you wanted to send them a message. Oh and did we mention how big they were? Why, you couldn’t even fit one in your purse or your pocket. You had to carry it with BOTH arms and that’s how you built character back then!This 80’s cell phone wristlet gives you a taste of the cellular Stone Age. It’s shaped like an old-school phone and stores a few your essentials inside. Like a real cell phone from the 80s, its ability to make actual phone calls is rather questionable (or non-existent) but it does go great with any costume you might be wearing to an 80s party.