72″ Grey Wizard Walking Stick


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Sorcerous SticksJust as a painter must have his brush, a wizard must have his stick! We’re not actually well versed in the wizard ways, we do know that most notable sorcerers walk the Earth wielding a magic stick of some kind. Some chose a dainty wand and others, usually wizards of great magical feats, brandish a stalwart staff made out of some ancient enchanted tree!If you’re planning on walking the path or wizardry, then you’re going to need a magical stick as well! Unfortunately, we’re not exactly sure where you can find an enchanted tree to craft your perfect staff, but this Grey Wizard Walking Stick is a fine replacement until you can find said enchanted tree. Product DetailsThis staff helps you assume the role of a powerful wizard! It’s made out of molded resin for a realistic look and feel. The tip of the staff has knotted and gnarled wood patterning to make it look as though it was crafted from an aged, magical piece of wood. Just hold it in your hands and you’ll be ready to cast a magic missile of great magnitude!Feel the MagicAny would-be wizard needs a magical conduit and this Grey Wizard Walking Stick is the perfect staff for anyone wishing to craft a sorcerous look with their wizard costume!