70’s Vest Men’s Costume


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Hey there, disco stud. Where you off to? Some kind of swanky club? You know, one of those places with a giant disco ball where they’re going to play all the hits by the Bee Gees. The kind of place where you’re going to meet the disco mama of your dreams. The kind of place where platform shoes are almost mandatory. With your studly looks and happenin’ nature, you ought to fit right in there, but you can’t go out with that outfit you’re wearing. You need swagger. You need ’70s style on overdrive. You need…bell bottoms and a rockin’ floral pattern that proclaims, “I am king of this dance floor! Hear me roar!”This 70’s Vest Costume for men brings you the pinnacle of style for any retro party. And by retro, we don’t mean old—we mean completely and totally awesome. The costume comes with a matching crosshatch pattern vest and pants, that will have you owning the disco dance floor in no time. The vest has an attached paisley shirt that brings you one step closer to becoming the disco legend that you’ve always dreamed of becoming.Of course, you can’t let your disco journey stop with this costume. Make sure to practice the hustle and the bump, since you’ll be expected to do some major booty shakin’ while you wear this outfit. And for goodness’ sake, man! Get yourself a pair of platform shoes. You’re going to need them if you want to strut your stuff!