70s Free Spirit Costume for Women


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Therapeutic StyleWhoa, man. Your chakras are all out of wack. You can’t go out and enjoy the Halloween festivities like that. It’s totally just asking to have a bad trip, trust us. We would know.You’ve just got to unleash your inner peace and let the love flow. Super easy. We even have the perfect outfit to help you find nirvana. Our exclusive Women’s 70s Free Spirit Costume will do the trick.Once you toss on these healing threads, you’ll feel your inner stars start to align again. Before you know it, you’ll be one with the universe. Then you can help plenty of other cookie-cutter cogs fix their chakras and find their inner hippie.Details & DesignThis outfit is about as easy-going as they come. It is a simple two-piece combo that looks great whether you add accessories or don’t.The first piece to this laidback costume is a white woven dress with a chiffon overlay. It features colorful floral and diamond patterns at the hemline and the chest front. The sleeves are loose and have a button up cuff at the ends.The faux suede vest is brown and designed with a long fringe that starts above the waist and below the dress’ hemline. Feel free to take a look at the 70s themed accessories we have available but as we said before, this costume is great all on its own.Break the ChainShow everyone what it means to be a free spirit this Halloween. Let nothing but the good vibes flow out of you and spread love wherever you go. Bring peace between the rival werewolf and vampire gangs out on the dance floor. Something we’ve learned over the years; no one can fight when groovy 70s music is playing. So it’s always good to have a goo tune ready to go in your back pocket.