70s Floral Men’s Shirt | 60s Mens Halloween Costume


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The Power of FlowersListen, bud. We know that plenty of guys think that flowers just aren’t for them. They’re pretty and some guys just don’t think that being pretty is okay. But flowers aren’t just for hippies and little girls. There’s some serious power inside flowers. The dudes from the 60s and 70s knew all about it, but somewhere along the lines we just sort of forgot about the flower power. Now, you can wield the awesome flower force when you wear this men’s 70s Floral Shirt. It’s just brimming with floral energy and 70s style!Product DetailsSo, what’s the deal? This is just a normal shirt, right? Wrong! This shirt is covered in beautiful yellow and orange flowers, which evoke a strong retro appeal. The shirt itself is a simple button-up style and it even features an oversized collar. It pairs quite nicely with any pair of jeans or bell-bottoms you might have and will definitely have you feeling ready to head to the next big music festival.Going RetroThis shirt has a vintage look that looks like it came straight from Woodstock! Make sure to check out our selection of 70s style accessories and wigs to craft your own retro style. This look could also double as a 60s men’s Halloween costume!