7.5″ Kitty Skeleton


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Cat’s Out of the BagThey tried to tell Jimmy that Mr. Whiskers had gone up north a nice big farm where there were plenty of mice to chase. Jimmy knew better. He knew that Mr. Whiskers had already promised never to leave him. So Jimmy waited. He knew Mr. Whiskers would be back. The rest of the family moved on. They sold the scratching post, they got a goldfish, they even got new furniture and sold their scratched up stuff. But then on one cold, windy night, the goldfish went missing. The next evening, Jimmy’s mom was shocked to discover the new sofa had scratches down the side. It was a mystery to most of the family but Jimmy knew the truth. It was the cat. The cat came back!Product DetailsBring a spooky yet adorable look to your Halloween decor this year!  With its front legs ready to pounce, this cat’s head and tail can be posed for a picture-perfect look. At just under eight inches long, it’ll stand out in your display without taking up too much room in storage. Pair this skeleton cat is ready to haunt in the cutest way possible, pair it with faux spider webs and a skeleton rat and you’ll be delighted with your new Halloween look!