60s Gogo Mod Brunette Wig


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Lady on the Go-GoJust because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean you can slow way down! In between parties and festivities, you have responsibilities. From cleaning your house before your big bash to stocking up on candy, to polishing your costume, you’re a gal on the go! That means you may not have time to perfect your groovy ‘do for your 60s look! Never fear, we’re here with this 60s Brunette Gogo Mod Wig! Sure, you could spend hours creating the perfect bouffant and curls with center parted bangs, but who’s got that kind of time anymore? Just slip on this exclusive wig and not only will you be able to rest easy knowing you’ve nailed your look, but you can enjoy the night without worrying about even a hair falling out of place! Design & DetailsThis dark brown wig features a mini bouffant at the back and cascading loose curls. The face is framed nicely by the era-appropriate center-parted bangs, and the whole look accentuates your mod costume and white go-go boots! You ‘Do YouYou’re busy! So, go take care of your to-do list and know that this little wig will take care of your locks. Just make sure you leave enough time in your busy schedule to have fun—that’s what Halloween is all about!